Upcoming meeting: Thursday 4th January 2018


Hips don’t lie – let’s samba with Valerio!

Happy New Year everyone – do you know how us Roses like to see the New Year in? With a meeting that involves dancing and prancing, of course! Get ready for our first ever dance themed meeting with the talented Valerio who will be teaching us all how to Samba having impressed some of our Committee at a District Meeting last year.

Shimmy your way to Woolwich Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18 6HQ from 19:30 on Thursday 4th January 2018 to join what we think will be a really fun meeting.

Yup, it’s membership renewal time

The start of the New Year brings hope and promise, yes, but it also means it’s time to renew your membership if you’d like to stick with us or join for the first time.

If you’re joining for the first time, you will need to complete a membership form at the meeting and hand it in to our wonderful Membership Representative, Elain McAlpine.

The fee for the year for 2018 is £41 payable in cash or cheque and will not only allow you to be a member of the Woolwich and Plumstead Roses which offers 11 varied meetings per year but also entitles you to 8 copies of WI Life and discounted rates to courses at The Denman.

WI members can belong to more than one WI, by paying the full membership fee to the first WI, and a further £20 to any additional WIs at any time of the year. There is no pro-rata rate for dual membership

The return of the cake rota

We had a few months off the cake rota at the tail-end of 2017 with all the meetings we had which involved us gadding about. However, like ‘The Terminator’, the cake rota IS BACK and we’re looking for bakers to join us and spread the joy of baked goods.

Huge props to Liz McCormack, Lucy Sterling, Pauline Blackwood, Maggie Rastall and Tasneem Sharrem for getting involved in supplying baked goods to the membership last year!

Any takers? Imagine the endless adoration you’ll receive each time you bring something along….
Also, we don’t propose beginning the Rota this month so would welcome anyone who is up for baking for this Thursday 4th January 2018 bringing something along, it’d be massively appreciated.

Unwanted Xmas prezzie raffle

Hands up if you have an Xmas prezzie that isn’t quite something you’ll ever use but is still nice enough to be something someone else might like? Hands up if you want a quick and easy way to get that prezzie out the house while also feeling fuzzy about donating it to a good cause? Well, look no further than the Unwanted Xmas prezzie raffle that we hope to host at our meeting this Thursday!

Bring your unwanted Xmas prezzies on Thursday and we’ll raffle them off to raise funds so we can arrange more fun stuff for you all in 2018 #winning.

100 Banners for suffragettes project

Committee Craft Chief, Pat Lumsdale, is heading up our involvement in the 100 Banners for Suffragettes Project that London WIs can take part in if they wish to mark 100 years since women were granted the right to vote.

We have been given a basic pack with a backing fabric cut to size. It is now up to us how we design and make up the banner. One of the things the organisers – Digital Drama – would like to see incorporated in the banners are pieces of fabric that have a special meaning or memory to the person donating.

If you have any fabric to donate – only needs to be small, we think we will use it to make our lettering – please bring to the January meeting.

Committee Craft Chiefs Pat Lumsdale and Maggie Rastall, will be getting together very soon to plan the design. If you would like to be part of this process let them know ASAP as the banner needs to be completed by mid-February 2018.


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