The Roses festive social options – you choose!

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There’s been A LOT of talk about this Festive Social and it’s not even November yet but that’s what we’ve gotta do to get this sorted! Trust us, it’ll be here before you know it…

In a nutshell, we want to know where you’d like the Festive Social to be held. The two options we have narrowed it down to are The Star in Plumstead and new contender, Art Fix, in Woolwich.

Below is the information for both options – once you’ve had a read, please cast you vote.


Artfix is a relatively recently opened creative hub and café in central Woolwich on Powis Street. It is community focused and the venue offers a range of workshops, as well as performance/exhibition space and co-working options (more for reference/context than necessary for a party!)

Food and drink they would offer

Think sophisticated canapés: charcuterie sharing platters, little sticks with small mozzarella balls and tomatoes, crostini (little toasts) topped with various things (fish, paté, etc.) They are flexible to meeting our requirements, food-wise. Drinks would be on a pay-as-you-go basis.


  • Central location with lots of transport links – easy for people to come to straight from work, as they can walk to the venue from either the mainline or DLR stations.
  • An opportunity to support a new business in Woolwich and build exciting new links.
  • The creative vibe of the venue could appeal to the significant number of very creative members we have in our midst.


  • Because the venue does not have a late licence, the latest we could probably stay there is 22:00.
  • The only toilets in the venue are up steep stairs with no handrail at present which could present an accessibility issue for some members which is similarly the case if the party takes place upstairs.
  • To our knowledge, we would not have the option to bring along any homemade baked goods if we wished to.

The Star

The Star is a well-known neighbourhood pub in Plumstead on Plumstead Common Road; we have previously held craft meetings in the upstairs room and in the downstairs bar. It has character and on the occasions we have been there, the atmosphere has been convivial.

Food and drink they would offer

Classic party buffet fare, such as chips, sausage rolls, pigs in blankets, and we’re sure some further vegetarian options upon our request. We would be free to bring along our own baked goods if we wished to. Drinks would be on a pay-as-you-go basis.


  • The Star are willing to allow us to occupy half the bar downstairs, which would help where increasing accessibility is concerned.
  • With The Star being a pub, we have the option to stay there until 23:00, which could encourage further socialising.
  • Since the majority of our meetings are in central Woolwich, it would make a nice change to do something in Plumstead.


  • While The Star is well served for bus routes, it is some distance from the train station, which could make it slightly trickier for those coming straight from work.
  • We have been to The Star for things previously, so it’s not somewhere new, which some people might prefer.
  • The food on offer is similar to the style of food we had at our Festive Social last year and, again, people might want to ring the changes on this front too.

Cast your vote here. Voting will close on Monday 30th October as we need to get rock and rolling! Many thanks, The Roses Committee.


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