Upcoming meeting: Thursday 7th September

The Woolwich & Plumstead WI Birthday Bake Off!

Rose Group.jpg

Rejoice, it has been one whole year since we became the *official* WI to Woolwich and Plumstead – hurrah! We are marking the occasion with a Birthday Bake Off and while there will be judging involved, it’s all for a bit of fun and a way to shake baked goods with friends.

We have three categories for the Birthday Bake Off:

Twist On A Victoria Sponge

We all know a Victoria sandwich cake involves two plain cakes sandwiched together with jam (no cream if you’re playing by WI rules!). Now that’s all well and good but we want to see your twists on the theme: feel free to flavour the sponges, put cream or icing in the middle, on the top, wherever you fancy. Maybe you might want to pour some syrup on your sponges? Get jazzy with it and see what you come up with.

  • Please bake an 8” cake that can cut into at least 8 slices if you plan to enter this category.

The Cheesy Whatsit

With sweet must come savoury and in this category, we are asking you to bake something involving cheese: you could do cheese straws, cheese biscuits, a cheesy tear & share, have some cheese before bedtime and see what baked good you dream up. We’ve emphasised the savoury but if you turn up with a cheesecake, we definitely won’t say no!

  • Please make a baked good that incorporates cheese and allow this to serve at least 8 people.

Tasty Traybake

For those of you who love catering en masse, this category is for you! Like Victoria Sponge, traybakes are a quintessential part of the WI baked goods armoury at a fair so show us what you’ve got! Perhaps you bake a brilliant brownie or a mean millionaire’s shortbread? Or maybe you bake some kind of wonderful jammy coconut topped affair that reminds everyone of school dinners from bake in the day?! Whatever you do, make your traybake très tasty :

  • Please bake your traybake in a tin sized 12” x 9” and allow this to cut into at least 12 squares

How the Birthday Bake Off will run

The Birthday Bake Off will take place on Thursday 7th September 2017 from 7pm.

If you wish to enter a baked good into the Birthday Bake Off, you must deliver it to the designated room in Woolwich Town Hall between 7pm to 7.30pm and you must bring a piece of paper/card which has the ingredients of said baked good written on it. DO NOT LABEL YOUR BAKED GOOD WITH YOUR NAME!

When you enter the room, your baked good will be assigned a number and you will be invited to place it on a table for judging.

Our judges on the night will be Helen and Sarah from the Greenwich Clandestine Cake Club and trust us, they know a good cake when they see and taste one!

The judging will take place from 7.30pm to 8pm.

Marks out of ten will be allocated for:

  • Taste
  • Appearance
  • Creativity
  • Texture

Once the judging has been concluded, we will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize to each of the categories and then…

We will eat all the cake!!!


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