Upcoming meeting: Thursday 6th April

Let’s have a lark with a Mudlarker

We are so thrilled to confirm that Nicola White, from Tideline Art will be joining us for our April meeting. She’ll be talking about the fascinating objects she’s found while mudlarking and beachcombing the banks of the River Thames, the Thames Estuary and the River Medway.

Any of you who follow her on Twitter under @TideLineArt will already be aware of the infinitely interesting things she finds and the history attached to them.

You’ll be pleased to know that Woolwich is one of the main areas that Nicola mudlarks at so it’s really rather fitting she’s coming along to talk to us and hopefully bring along some of her Thames treasures.

We think this is going to be another cracking evening so join us from 7.30pm on Thursday 6th April 2017 at Woolwich Town Hall to learn more.

Please be aware: Change of venue for May meeting

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we are EXTREMELY LUCKY to have the support of the council in being offered free room hire at Woolwich Town Hall to run our meetings. It’s a beautiful place to meet and we’ve been able to build our group and our funds while not having to worry about paying for a hall. Win/Win.

The flipside of this is is that on occasion, we may not be able to meet at the Town Hall when other business there takes precedence and we respect that.

So, just to give you some advance warning, our May AGM will NOT be taking place at Woolwich Town Hall but will be taking place at another local venue which is yet to be confirmed. Rest assured, the Committee are on the case and we are keeping fingers crossed that our alternative venue will also be in central Woolwich due to the extensive transport links. We will keep you posted.


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