7th July: Helpful herb planting and growing with Liz from GCDA

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A huge thanks to everyone who attended the meeting on Thursday 7th July. It was a such a fascinating evening on planting, growing and using herbs and sorry to anyone who missed it as Liz from GCDA was not only a font of knowledge on all things herbal, she was very funny too!

Here are a selection of the facts I enjoyed learning:

  • Fennel can increase lactation in nursing mothers
  • In medieval times, people ate fennel seeds to allay hunger
  • You can treat the first stages of a cold-sore with lemon balm
  • Lemon balm in a tea can be used to treat anxiety and depression
  • Rosemary has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also supposed to be able to help focus the mind and improve the memory
  • Sage can help regulate oestrogen levels during the menopause
  • Bay is good for digestion (we all cracked up when Liz said it reduced farting!) and anti-dandruff purposes

Liz begins to demonstrate how to make a newspaper pot for seeds that you can plant directly into the ground. First of all, find a can with an indentation on the bottom and wrap a length of newspaper around it…


Then push the loose newspaper into the can indentation to create the bottom of your newspaper pot


Simply slide the newspaper off the can and…




Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 4th August at Woolwich Town Hall. We will be discussing some of the logistics of forming an official WI ahead of our formation meeting in September and Sarah Walters will be joining us from 8.30pm to talk about Mindulness. More information about Sarah Walters and her talk can be found at Heart Un Limited.


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