2nd June: Managing stress with Louise K Shaw

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June’s meeting took place in Room 4 of the Woolwich Town Hall. It’s an intimate and cosy room compared to the Public Hall. We hope to get this room or a similar one for future meetings.

Our speaker was Louise K Shaw, who runs a practice working with people experiencing stress. She showed us a number of techniques to deal with stress, including the Emotional Freedom Technique/Meridian Tapping. More information can be found on her website.

Updates from the meeting:

  • The group agreed to discuss the business first and sessions later.
  • The group agreed to pay £1 subs for each meeting.
  • Emma Wheatley has spoken to the council and has managed to get the us space for our meetings in the Woolwich Town Hall for free. Which is fantastic news, thank you Emma.
  • Tasneem has spoken to WI advisor Jean and she has agreed to come along to August’s meeting to discuss the process for the formation of becoming a WI. This means that we each need to bring along £18.75 for our membership fees for August to December.
  • Next meeting takes place on 7th July and we will be back in the Public Hall. Looking forward to seeing you all then.

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